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International Fellowship of Royal Privateers

(The Guild of Saint Errol)

"It was sinking when I got there..."

These scurvy Sea Dogs and Bitches can be easily identified by their salty demeanors, slightly swaying mode of perambulation and ceaseless preoccupation with the coveting of "booty". Privateers are one step short of Pirates, as they have managed to petition and receive from the ruling monarchy a license (called a "Letter of Marque") that basically allows them to plunder the goods of others and not get their necks stretched on the gibbet, just so long as those others are identified as "enemies of the Crown".

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Notes about thy Application

Sea Dog Tag
Taking your given birth name to sea as a Privateer makes about as much sense as tattooing "potential felon" on your forehead. An alias will always come in handy and may even enhance your legend. (And what self-respecting merchant vessel is going to surrender without a tussle to the dread Privateer "Myron" or "Hortense"?)

Home Port
At the end of a long and hopefully profitable voyage, here is where you park the ship, hang up your hook or parrot and kick back for a little well deserved debauchery. If you are lacking a suitable Port (i.e.: one next to a body of water) list the dry dock or Faire of your sotted choice.

Your Ship
Being a Privateer on dry land makes the attacking of enemy shipping rather complicated, so getting a billet aboard a commissioned Privateer ship is rather important. Luckily for you, Privateer crews are not particularly choosey and there are several ships in the Fleet in need of able bodied if not exactly moral crewmates. You may be invited, coerced, shanghaied or sign-on of your own free will (How novel...) with an existing ship, listed here.

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