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"It was sinking when I got there..."

These scurvy Sea Dogs and Bitches can be easily identified by their salty demeanors, slightly swaying mode of perambulation and ceaseless preoccupation with the coveting of "booty". Privateers are one step short of Pirates, as they have managed to petition and receive from the ruling monarchy a license (called a "Letter of Marque") that basically allows them to plunder the goods of others and not get their necks stretched on the gibbet, just so long as those others are identified as "enemies of the Crown".

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Crew Roster for The Merry Bova

This ship has 24 crew members and 8 gun(s).If you would like to join this ship, send an email to [email protected]. To return to the fleet listing, click here.

Yaaaar! I be captain! #73Jaques NapierCaptain  
 #80Black James RobertsQuartermaster
 #93Talia al GhulNavigator
 #115Ezekial Nicta GQuartermaster
 #149Selina KyleBosun
 #160Lorien DaleBard
 #176Harlan QuinzelFirst Mate
 #179Mary DahlCaptain's Wench
 #188Lyla BoltonGaoler
10  #207Dr. Kira LangstromLeech
11  #209Leslie WillisEngineer
12  #279Reyvin InqueHelmswench
13  #284Jervis TetchArmourer
14  #299Templeton FugitSwab
15  #355Victor Von FriesGunner's Mate
16  #394Ana MadelinShip's Counselor
17  #548DarxideCannon Fodder
18  #594The ShantymanShantyman
19  #597Llewellyn MebdCannon Fodder
20  #750Michael O.Cannon Fodder
21  #771MaleficentBosun's Mate
22  #773Emilia StrangeGunner
23  #776Harvey DentDuelist
24  #900Red RavenCannon Fodder

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