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Gotcher Booty - Biggest Booty Scores

These ships are the best of the best, thanks to the tenacious and soul-less way in which they plunder with reckless abandon. Kudos to you! Heeeey... where's my wallet?

Plunder is gained by crew members tricking unsuspecting 'net dwellers into clicking on their special plunder link, available to Privateer crew members through their Lundegaard Guild account.

The shipyard is being built right now, and once it's ready, ship captains will be able to cash in their booty for enhancements to their ship that will increase firepower, speed, defense, and so on.

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The Black Rose II has plundered 374,257 dubloons so far! Click here to return to highscores.

  Crewmember NameBooty
First place booty#1.Ann Flint 204,824Dubloons
Top 5 booty#2.Lady Lunaria 37,654Dubloons
Top 5 booty#3.Lord Charles 26,134Dubloons
Top 5 booty#4.Phelan Durmelth 25,394Dubloons
Top 5 booty#5.Crimson 17,675Dubloons
Top 10 booty#6.Rikkard Von Damage 16,672Dubloons
Top 10 booty#7.Wulfric Blacktoungue 16,302Dubloons
Top 10 booty#8.Nessa 16,125Dubloons
Top 10 booty#9.Celfic McIden 7,539Dubloons
Top 10 booty#10.Tazzy the Pansy Pirate 4,714Dubloons
Top 10 booty#11.Daithi Dubh 232Dubloons
Top 10 booty#12.Sea Salt Sally 168Dubloons
Top 10 booty#13.Brandy Whine 166Dubloons
Top 10 booty#14.Sven Dere 144Dubloons
Top 10 booty#15.Hector 139Dubloons
Top 10 booty#16.Lizette Argent 133Dubloons
Top 10 booty#17.Mistress Evelyn 132Dubloons
Top 10 booty#18.Anni Geturguns 58Dubloons
Top 10 booty#19.Sam Handwich 42Dubloons
Top 10 booty#20.Blackdog Mary Steel 10Dubloons
Top 10 booty#21. 0Dubloons
Top 10 booty#22.Chelsey O. 0Dubloons
Top 10 booty#23.Caramia Evileena 0Dubloons
Top 10 booty#24.Wynd Dancer 0Dubloons
Top 10 booty#25.Mad Derek 0Dubloons
Top 10 booty#26.Nathaniel 0Dubloons

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